30 Minute 4th Of July Wreath

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30 Minute 4th of July Wreath

With Fourth of July just a little over a week away, I am starting to plan. By that I mean, I know we are barbecuing with our neighbors; and that’s as about as far as I have gotten! So as you might have guessed I don’t plan some things very far in advanced. I know I get it from my family, none of us are really planners when it comes to holidays. So that is why when it comes to decorating I am even less prepared. Plus, I have a three year old, basically I have no planning and no time to decorate. That is why this 30 minute 4th of July wreath is perfect. In fact, my three year old was able to “help” (i.e. hold the styrofoam circle in her lap).

This really is a great fast and easy project, and with 4th of July coming up, it is exactly what you need. So here is the under 30 minute 4th of July wreath!

First, lets gather our products.

You will need:
  • styrofoam circle wreath
  • red tulle – 1 yard
  • white tulle – 1 yard
  • blue tulle – 1 yard
  • wooden stars
  • white paint
  • glue gun
  • scissors

The first thing that we will do is take your stars and paint them with your white paint. I like to do this step first so that they can be dry by the time I am done making the wreath. Please forgive me for using Halloween paper plates I am a firm believer that clearance plates are still plates 🙂 if you like this you would love my napkins! (Christmas is July anyone?) Moving on!

Wood Stars

Then we will go on to the tulle, we are going to take the tulle and cut it into 6″ strips. Once all three colors were cut down I then cut those strips into 20 inch long pieces.

Once everything is cut we can start putting them onto the wreath. How we do this is really easy you take the length and meet the two ends together. Then, put the side that has the two ends on the outside of the ring and the other piece on the inside, like this:

Then, take the two ends and put it through the hole and pull through. When you pull the ends out it will look like this:

And that’s it! It is really that easy! Just continue with all of the blue together. You will see that it cam kind get further apart. If that is the case you can just push them back together. Once the blue is finished, we will move onto the white and red. I did alternating to be like a flag. I did this with two red and two white next to each other, switching back and forth. It will begin to look like this:

As you keep moving just keep pushing them together and in the end you have what looks like this:

The edges are a little jagged so I did end up trimming them to make it a little more even. Once this part is finished the stars you painted earlier should be dry. So you’ll see below I placed my stars on to see how I wanted them. Then I hot glued them on. (Notice my little helper?)

Then you have a finished 4th of July wreath! It was so easy wasn’t it? Plus it looks great on a front door, hanging on your porch, or even inside!

There is a lot more that you could do with this project. You could go one step further and add some picks to it or a big bow. Or a nice thing about this project is that you could really make it for many different holidays. You could do black and orange with bats for Halloween or green and red with Santa hats or even blue and white with snowflakes for Christmas. The possibilities are endless!

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