Feminine Office Color Scheme

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Trying to think of your next home project? Maybe your office could use an update? This is definitely something to think about if your office is dark and stuffy. It always helps me to get the work juices flowing in a bright, clean, and fresh atmosphere.

That is exactly what this feminine office color scheme is all about. I starts with a base of neutral cream, then slowly adds more and more bold colors. First, with a light pottery color, then into more of a terra cotta, and last to a bold red.

Feminine Office Color Sceme

Here are the four colors that are a part of this scheme.

Feminine Office Color Scheme

The first is called Haute Red. If this were my office I would use this as an accent color. You will see below on the inspiration board I found it in an area rug, which would just add that pop of bright color.

Feminine Office Color Scheme

This color is called Golden Feather. I would use this and the next color as the main two in the room. Maybe one on the walls and the other for the curtains?

Feminine Office Color Scheme

This is the other color I would use as a main, it’s called pottery beige. I think that this is just a great neutral color. You can also see how I used it in a neutral nursery.

  Feminine Office Color Scheme

The last color is called Baked Terra Cotta. This would be the second accent color. I think that if you could find some accessories, such as wall art, vases, etc. That it would really pull the room together.

Now for some feminine office inspiration!

Feminine Office Color Scheme


Feminine Office Color Scheme

The nice thing about this color scheme is that you could easily mix it up. If you wanted to tone it down a little an option would be to take out the Haute Red and add another shade of lighter beige in between the Golden Feather and Pottery Beige. You could take out the Pottery Beige and have more of a rosy look to your office. Or, for more of a bold look take out the Pottery Beige or Baked Terra Cotta.

Looking for more home inspiration?

Check out this gender neural nursery color scheme that could be used for any room in your home!

  1. Jessie

    June 16, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    Oh my goodness! This color scheme is gorgeous!! I may have to use some in my future office!!

    1. rfolger

      June 16, 2017 at 8:55 pm

      I think so too! I just love how feminine and versatile it is!

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