June Goal and Income Report

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Goal and Income Report

I have seen many other bloggers do an income report. I am brand spanking new to this world so I thought that I couldn’t do anything like that. Thy make thousands of dollars a month in their fairly new blogs. But some times those can be deceiving because it could be their second or third blog that they are working on.

So I began to think, “why not?” Nothing makes me different than those other bloggers, just this is my very first blog. Plus, I thought that I cold also add my goals to it so that I might hold myself better accountable (especially if others can read it). So here it goes! My first goal and income report for my second month of blogging!

June’s Goals:

  • Reach 100 Facebook likes (currently 77).
  • Reach 100 Pinterest followers (currently 43).
  • Get my new freebie published and running
  • Update my opt-in form
  • Make $10?
  • Post four ┬ácolor schemes
  • Post two other posts

Let’s take a look at my actual numbers and goals at the end of day on June 30th:

  • Facebook: 100! I just barely made it!
  • Pinterest: 138! I feel really good about this! I am thinking about doing a separate post about Pinterest and how I grew my following and impressions for a month. Honestly I think most of this was all thanks to Tailwind. If you aren’t familiar with them they are a system that posts to Pinterest for you. That way I don’t have to spend my life on Pinterest. I absolutely love it!
  • I finished my new freebie. It ended up being a planner. I will continue to make add-ons for it so that it a more valuable freebie.
  • I updated my opt-in form so that it matched better with the color scheme of my theme.
  • Money: $4.62
    • Google Adsense: $0.49
    • Amazon Affiliates: $4.13
  • I posted three color schemes and am halfway through a fourth. I’d say that is pretty darn good!
  • For my other posts I wrote four. I think why this number was high was because I had two of them halfway done in May so I just needed to finish them.

Overall I am really happy with how I did! I think that my Facebook goal was spot on, but for next month I need to up my goal for Pinterest since I well exceeded it. That way I can push myself even harder. I was able to update my freebie and have a newer, better looking opt-in form as well as made it a full page.

This was my first month really making an effort to monetize and I made a whole $4.62! It sounds like nothing, but for my second month of blogging I am pretty proud! My goal is to make this my full time job, this just shows that it will eventually be possible and that I can make money. I will continue to work on finding other ways to monetize, maybe sponsorships?

My posting goals will stay the same, I believe I was able to do so many this month was because I has some half done last month. I will also try to keep my color schemes at one a week; I really enjoy putting these together, so they seem to go really fast.

My main realization that I hope others will get out of this, is that it is really possible to make money. Even if it is just a small amount that may seem laughable ($4.62 anyone?) It is possible. I feel like this is my first step in the right direction to be where I want to be.

My goals for July:

  • Grow Facebook to 150. (Currently at 100)
  • Gain Pinterest followers 210. (Currently 138)
  • Share my writing on my Facebook page.
  • Write about 4 color schemes.
  • Make two other posts.
  • Reach out to 2 sponsors.
  • Make $15.

Well there you have it, my realistic June goal and income report. I have to say I am glad I did this. I makes me feel like I am actually accomplishing something when I can look back at the goals I set and see that I can achieve them. Hopefully, I can keep this up and keep achieving them.

Let me know if you found this helpful or if there is something else that you think I should track! What goals do you like to track?

Goal and Income Report