Sunny Kitchen Color Scheme

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Sunny Kitchen Color Scheme

I love the feeling of a bright kitchen. For this sunny kitchen color scheme, I have this idea in my head of a farm house with fields all around it, a giant back porch leading to large double window doors into a beautiful, fresh, bright kitchen. Can anyone else picture this? If I had a farm house I think I would go with these colors for my kitchen. They just feel so homey and comforting. It would feel like a place where family and friends would want to gather.

Lets check out our main color players for this beautiful sunny kitchen.

Sunny Kitchen Color SchemeI actually had these colors for my kitchen at one point. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to them?

Sunny Kitchen Color Scheme

The first color is a lovely bright yellow called Forsythia Blossom.

Sunny Kitchen Color Scheme

The next color is a mix of white a grey called Bleached Slate.


Sunny Kitchen Color SchemeKingston Aqua is the third color of this kitchen color scheme.

The thing that I like about this kitchen color scheme is that all of the colors could be interchangeable when it comes to the primary and accents. It makes it so easy to work with!

I made three inspiration boards since all of the colors are interchangeable that way you can get an idea of which colors you like best as primary and which you like for accents.

Sunny Kitchen Color Scheme

This first board shows the kitchen color scheme as having Kingston Aqua as the primary, Forsythia Blossom as the main accent, and Beached Slate or white as the second accent. For this you may want to keep the yellow in just your decor. The reason I say this because too much yellow might make it contrasting.

Inspiration board two shows Forsythia Blossom as the main color, which would be found on the walls. Kingston Aqua, or in this case more of a teal is the first accent color and the second accent is again the Bleached Slate. For a dinning table I chose to go with a little darker grey. This is fine to do if they are in the same family color. Plus, you can see that the cushion coverings on the chairs are closer to the Bleached Slate.

The last inspiration board shows a third combination that you could have with this kitchen color scheme. Bleach Slate is the main primary color. Then I have both Kingston Aqua and Forsythia Blossom as accent colors. You could easily make one of these more prominent in your kitchen than the other. The two colors are even because I feel with the Bleached Slate on your walls it would be nice to have a couple different colors pop.

This kitchen color scheme is just a great example on how you can make one set of colors work many different ways. Have you done this in an area of your house?

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